About me

When Dr. Maria Montessori came to the US to introduce methodology, my grandmother drive to the East Coast to study with her. At that time, my grandmother was already an elementary school principal, but she never stopped looking for ways to make her school better and she implemented Montessori instruction at the school (though not much equipment was accessible at that time).

It’s a long, long story, but my mother, my older sister and I, plus a handful of aunts and cousins also became Montessori teachers, despite all of us having academic backgrounds in a wide range of disciplines including mathematics, the sciences, engineering, computer science, and psychology.

Initially, everyone was reluctant to provide an online curriculum, citing all the things that could go wrong with parents teaching at home. Then I showed the family what was currently being sold as “Montessori” on the internet. Complete shock and horror!

So, during that memorable Thanksgiving dinner, everyone said, “Hurry, put our curriculum online!!! Can’t do you something right now?” … just as I was going for a second slice of pie.

Bear in mind that our generations of curriculum were in paper format! The digitization and reconstruction of that material is another story altogether.

Did I mention that my grandmother’s curriculum got soaking wet after a flood in our library?

And here we are today!

It would be a delight to have you join us here!

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